ORSATV Customer Testimonials

"The shine and show product looks great!"

This product is amazing! It truly does make old plastic bumpers and wheel wells look brand new. I never thought I would find a product like this. Thanks: Fred Wehba

I bought "1, 6 inch and 2, 15 inch dual row wireless atv light bars"

The light bars are bright! Great customer service,with wireless remote when I installed one box was giving me problems with the strobe function called on Thursday had a new box on Monday! I'm sure it would've been quicker if the mail ran Sunday's. I'll be back to buy more lights way better then any amazon light. Very bright!. Thanks: Dustin Drake

"75 quart tan Yak Ice Chest!"

The guys at orsatv are very responsive and produce a great commercial-use product! I couldn't be happier with my Tan 75 qt. YAK! Would recommend their ice chests, lights bars, or cups to anyone!Thanks: Alec Reddoch

Yak Coolers

I absolutely love these guys at orsatv and their YAK coolers! I have three of them and they are really better than Yeti or rtic. I literally left one of my YAK coolers outside in the bed of my truck at the beach when it was 100 degrees for 6 days and still had a bunch of the only ice I put in it on day 6! I would totally recommend this cooler to anyone. They also came with straps and handles that were not extra to buy like many other cooler companies make you buy! Thanks:Hart Byers


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