Shine & Show Plastic Armor 16 oz Bottle


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Shine & Show Armor is specially designed to restore and protect all plastic and rubber surfaces on ATVs, UTVs, and automobiles. When the day comes to an end, and it's time to clean your ride, Shine & Show can bring back its beautiful finish and restore your ATV, UTV, or automobile so it looks new again.


Shine & Show Plastic Armor 16 oz Bottle
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♦ Cleans All Types of Rubber and Plastic Surfaces

♦ Ozone and UV protection

♦ Non-Greasy Finish That Restores Original Factory Look

♦ Easy Spray-and-Wipe Use

♦ Environmentally Safe The Ultimate Rubber and Plastic Protector. The Shine & Show formula is tough enough to rid your ATV, UTV, or automobile of dirt and grime, but soft enough that it won't harm the surface. Unlike harsh chemicals, Shine & Show is environmentally safe. Best of all, it offers ozone and UV protection to keep plastic and rubber surfaces from cracking in sun and heat.

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How to Use
Just Spray and Wipe. Shine & Show is an easy-to-use plastic restorer. Simply spray it on a cloth and wipe your ATV, UTV, or automobile. You'll have an instantly clean surface with a non-greasy finish every time.

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Shine & Show Plastic Armor 16 oz Bottle
Awesome product
Brings back the old plastics and it dries so the dust doesn't stick I would recommend it to anyone not only a tv
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