20 Quart Ice Chest Red White Blue Night Life Series


Our Yak Red,white and blue Night Life series is a one of a kind. Each cooler is unique no two match. Manufactured with single piece roto molded design, to ensure it will hold up to everyday use and abuse. The Desert Camo Glow ice chest is injected with the following colors: Brown, Black & White during the manufacturing process. It will surely stand out during your next get together at a game or over at a friends house when the sun goes down it will glow for about 6 hours it is easily recharged by any light source available.

The Yak series 20 quart is the perfect size cooler for a picnic or maybe just a trip to the gym for that daily workout, this cooler has you covered on multiple levels, with ice retention of between 5-10 days your perishables and drinks are good to go. Each cooler is manufactured with single piece roto molded design, to ensure it will hold up to everyday use and abuse. When it comes time to clean your cooler the large 1.5” removable drain plug will make it easy.


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Add Cooler Accessories: $20 (Includes - Cutting board / Basket / Cup holder)

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  • ♦ Holds Ice up to 5-10 days.
  • ♦ Dry Ice Compatible. 
  • ♦ One piece Roto Molded design.
  • ♦ Ruler on the lid for measuring your fish if needed.
  • ♦ 4 Skid resistant feet
  • ♦ Removable handles that are easily replaceable if the need arises.
  • ♦ Two system drain plug for easy cleaning that attaches to any ordinary water hose.
  • ♦ Never lose your drain plug again with a chain that attaches to the plug and the ice chest.
  • ♦ Two bottle openers made of stainless steel one on each side of the lid that also serve to lock your ice chest.
  • ♦ Handle locks in a up position that makes for easy carrying.
  • ♦ Size: 20 Quarts - 45, 70, 75, 110 Quart sizes also available.
  • Glows for about 6 Hours

  • Use any light source to recharge

20 Quart Dimensions

Yak Cooler 20 Dimensions

More Information
  • Limited Lifetime
  • Original Ice Chest
  • Excludes Everyday usage
Shipping Details
  • Ships Same Day
  • Ordered before 3pm CST
  • Monday-Friday
How to Use
  • Wash with warm soap and water prior to use
  • For tough stains use a 7:1 ratio of bleach to water and scrub with a soft Bristle brush
  • After use clean you cooler and allow to dry then store out of the elements
  • Once you received your Yak cooler check the Drain plugs and the Air equalizing valve to be for sure they are hand tight.
  • For best results pre-chill your cooler for 12 hours with a bag of ice
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