42" bluetooth color changing light bar


When it comes to premium quality off-road or led lighting products for the off roader, nothing can compare to those offered by ORS. These multi-color changing light bars or (RGB/W) are a breeze to install on your truck, ATV ,UTV , Snowmobile , Boat ,tractor etc. and has a range of functionally that's almost too good to be true. You can change color patterns strobe functions log in with the Bluetooth app and have the light keep beat to your favorite song and even have it do multiply color pattern dim or strobe your friends will be amazed of the functionally and control you have with these light bars.



42" Bluetooth color changing light bar

  • 3w Dual Row 5th dimensional lenses
  • Multi RGB light color
  • strobe speed
  • brightness wireless controlled by Bluetooth APP
  • Sync with music rhythm in music mode
  • IP68 Waterproof Rating
  • Moisture Breather technology
  • reduces moisture build-up behind the lends
  • Durable die-cast aluminum housing
  • Plug and play wiring harness
  • Dim and strobe functions.
  • means no switches
  • Standard mounting hardware Aluminum L shaped brackets
  • Certified by CE & RoHS
  • 240 watts
  • 22,500 lm
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